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.Summer holidays, sunset surfs, scooter cruising and beachside fun.....
                                                                     Let's go surfing with Surfdog & Artbird!!!
& Artbird
With the beginnings of Surfdog & Artbird, and the characters portrayed, a gallery director representing the artist said of this new work “the enormous energy, gaiety and presence that the artist exudes is also encapsulated in the works. Well travelled and with a probing interest in local cultures and people, these works reach out to the bolder nature of our current lives where art and its message pops out in a more explosive way.
The bold background and quirky characters is much more a reflection of the light and playful nature than a response to current trends. This artist has the confidence and courage to enter all fields of art direction, which only comes with maturity and sound technical ability, as they connect with people in the world around them.“
Paintings by Surfdog & Artbird are fleshed out in the studio after an early start to the day, some exercise, and getting into the ocean before putting brush to canvas.  Surfdog & Artbirds previous solo work has been selected in Australian Art Prizes, and represented in Australia
and overseas.
Surfdog & Artbird paintings are only available through exhibitions at representative galleries, and their Limited Fine Art Editions are all available through the galleries, with only a select few  available on this website. New galleries will be posted on the contact page soon.