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.Summer holidays, sunset surfs, scooter cruising and beachside fun.....
                                                                         Let's go surfing with Surfdog & Artbird!!!
With the beginnings of Surfdog & Artbird, and the characters portrayed, a gallery director representing the artist said of this work “the enormous energy, gaiety and presence that the artist exudes is also encapsulated in the works. Well travelled and with a probing interest in local cultures and people, these works reach out to the bolder nature of our current lives where art and its message pops out in a more explosive way.
The bold background and quirky characters is much more a reflection of the light and playful nature than a response to current trends. “
Paintings by Surfdog & Artbird are fleshed out in the studio after an early start to the day, and getting into the ocean before putting brush to canvas.  Surfdog & Artbirds previous solo work has been selected in Australian Art Prizes, and represented in Australia and overseas. Surfdog & Artbird paintings and commissions are only available through their representative galleries.